Throttling investment in Canada’s oil and gas sector threatens more than our economy

Canada’s energy sector is a major national security asset, a fact which should be made abundantly clear by the recently declared war between Israel and Hamas.

Opinion: Stop the weaponization of banks

Banks shunning oil and gas is as worrying as the U.K. scandal of a Brexit activist losing his bank account for political reasons

Opinion: Believing in a world without Canadian oil and gas is magical thinking

To divest from the oil and gas sector is to hurt Canada and everyday Canadians

News Release: InvestNow to Canada’s Big Banks: Stop Your Anti-Energy Policies; They Hurt Canada

TORONTO, CANADA: InvestNow has presented shareholder proposals at three top Canadian bank AGMs asking them to commit to invest in, and finance, the Canadian oil and gas sector, and step away from policies that hurt the sector – policies like a commitment to Net Zero. Gina Pappano, InvestNow’s Executive Director presented shareholder proposals at BMO, […]

Remarks Delivered By Gina Pappano At The CIBC Annual General Meeting Of Shareholders

Toronto, Ontario April 4, 2023 Thank you for the opportunity to present today. I am asking CIBC for an explicit commitment to continue to invest in and finance the Canadian oil and gas sector, and for a clear signal that the bank will step away from policies, like Net Zero, that hurt the sector. I […]