Stop universities’ attack on Canadian oil and gas

Universities across the country including the University of Toronto, Concordia University and University of Waterloo have chosen to divest from Canada’s oil and gas sector.

These universities will no longer invest in any oil and gas companies in their endowment funds. Now their pension funds are being targeted too.

Yet, universities continue to benefit from the industry. They count on hundreds of millions of public tax dollars, and much of those tax dollars come from the oil and gas industry and its workers.

It’s time to stand up to universities who want to turn away from our important Canadian resource.

InvestNow has been taking the fight to university professors. We’ve written over 20,000 Canadian professors asking them not to support the movement against investing in oil and gas. We plan to continue to talk to even more professors over the next few months.

PETITION: Stop the attack!

Sign this petition to show your support and help stop Canadian universities from attacking Canadian oil and gas.